Bigmacbear's Den

Who I Am

I'm a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. I was born there on March 2, 1965, and grew up in a suburb of Cincinnati. I regularly visit Cincinnati on holidays and such, to see my parents, my two sisters and brothers-in-law, and their (combined) nine wonderful children and three grandchildren.

I'm an alumnus of The Ohio State University (fellow Buckeyes will understand the extra emphasis here ;-) in Columbus, Ohio, from which I earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in June 1988.

I'm a resident of Everett, Washington, where I live with my husband Gary.

I'm a Unix security administrator by trade, working for AT&T. Here is more info on what I do for a living.

I'm a former resident of Rochester, New York, which explains why so much of this site refers to Rochester.

I'm a "roadgeek", or as some would say, a "Roads Scholar". Here is my page about Rochester's Inner Loop, a "vest-pocket expressway" formerly encircling downtown Rochester.

I'm a Bass, although I used to be a Tenor (but those days are long gone). I'm also somewhat of a frustrated composer and arranger. Here is some more of my musical résumé.

I'm also a Bear. Gary and I wrote, and maintained for a few years, the web site for the Empire Bears in Rochester. They've long since migrated to Facebook, but here is the page we put up on the Empire Bears website, which has a pretty decent explanation of who bears are. On this site I have some pictures chronicling Bear events. My Bear Code is B4 c g++ k r w. (See the original document archived at the Queer Resources Directory for explanation).

Who I'm Not

I'm Not a Candidate For Office in Rochester...

I have a namesake in the Republican Party in the City of Rochester, who ran for City Council a few years ago and, in the November 2003 election, ran for the City School Board. (He was not elected either time.)
As a registered Democrat, I have found myself in the unusual position of asking people not to vote for me. ;-)

I'm Not Kai...

There is a growing contingent of adoring fans of Lexx, a science-fiction program shown on Canadian, British, German, and now U.S. television (the Sci-Fi channel in the U.S.).  In case there is any doubt, I am not the actor who plays Kai, the lead character in that series. However, I do rather like the idea of a Web ring with my name on it... ;-)

Here are links to two of the actors who share my name in the Internet Movie Database (IMDb):
This one plays Kai, and has a number of other theatrical, film, and television credits.
This one has played a number of roles in film and television, including Poltergeist and Baywatch.

Having seen pictures of the first Michael and film and video of the second, I'd say I have the features of the first (though I've grown a beard since the picture on my home page was taken) and the build of the second.

By the way, I now have an IMDb page of my very own, having appeared in a friend's film On the Nature of Hotness as a Russian Judge.

And I'm Not The "Marriage Savers" Guy, Either.

I once received an E-mail from a woman looking for her local chapter of Marriage Savers, an organization founded by yet another Mike McManus, who is a religion columnist in many newspapers across the U.S. I'm not him either, so use the link above for more information.