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Who I Am

I'm a native of Cincinnati, Ohio. I was born there on March 2, 1965, and grew up in a suburb of Cincinnati. I regularly visit Cincinnati on holidays and such, to see my parents, my two sisters and brothers-in-law, and their (combined) nine wonderful children and three grandchildren.

I'm an alumnus of The Ohio State University (fellow Buckeyes will understand the extra emphasis here ;-) in Columbus, Ohio, from which I earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering in June 1988.

I'm a resident of Renton, Washington, where I live with my buddy Gary.

I'm a Unix system administrator by trade, working for AT&T Mobility (formerly Cingular Wireless). Here is more info on what I do for a living.

I'm a former resident of Rochester, New York, which explains why so much of this site refers to Rochester.

I'm a "roadgeek", or as some would say, a "Roads Scholar". Here is my page about Rochester's Inner Loop, a "vest-pocket expressway" encircling downtown Rochester.

I'm a Bass, although I used to be a Tenor (but those days are long gone). I'm also somewhat of a frustrated composer and arranger. Here is some more of my musical résumé.

I'm also a Bear. My buddy Gary and I wrote, and maintained for a few years, the web site for the Empire Bears in Rochester, which has a pretty decent explanation of who bears are. On this site I have some pictures chronicling Bear events. My Bear Code is B4 c g++ k r w. (See Resources for Bears for explanation).

Who I'm Not

I'm Not a Candidate For Office in Rochester...

I have a namesake in the Republican Party in the City of Rochester, who ran for City Council a few years ago and, in the recent (November 2003) election, ran for the City School Board. (He was not elected either time.)
As a registered Democrat, I have found myself in the unusual position of asking people not to vote for me. ;-)

I'm Not Kai...

There is a growing contingent of adoring fans of Lexx, a science-fiction program shown on Canadian, British, German, and now U.S. television (the Sci-Fi channel in the U.S.).  In case there is any doubt, I am not the actor who plays Kai, the lead character in that series. However, I do rather like the idea of a Web ring with my name on it... ;-)

Here are links to the two actors who share my name in the Internet Movie Database:
This one plays Kai, and has a number of other theatrical, film, and television credits.
This one has played a number of roles in film and television, including Poltergeist and Baywatch.

Having seen pictures of the first Michael and film and video of the second, I'd say I have the features of the first (though I've grown a beard since the picture on my home page was taken) and the build of the second.

And I'm Not The "Marriage Savers" Guy, Either.

I once received an E-mail from a woman looking for her local chapter of Marriage Savers, an organization founded by yet another Mike McManus, who is a religion columnist in many newspapers across the U.S. I'm not him either, so use the link above for more information.