Bigmacbear's Den

Where did the name "bigmacbear" come from anyway?

It started in the middle: "Mac" has always been a well-worn nickname both my father and my older brother have used in the past. When I went to sign up for my first "handle" on a pseudonymous BBS, "mac" was already taken, so I tried "bigmac" and it kind of stuck, despite the jokes about hamburgers. I added "bear" when signing up for LiveJournal on the theory that "bigmac" and most variations of "bear" would already be taken, but the combination wouldn't be, and it wasn't.

Let me state for the record this handle has nothing to do with fast-food hamburgers, Apple computers, or much of anything else. Truth be told, I don't even eat McDonalds' burgers much anymore, though I do especially enjoy them on the rare occasions that I do.

News Flash: I can now rightfully call myself a composer. My first song was performed in public on June 19th, 2004 with a second performance on July 20th in Montreal at GALA Choruses Festival VIIe. Details on this page.