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Fractured Messiah Titles

Comfort ye Come for tea
Oh thou that telleth good tidings to Zion Oh thou that selleth aluminum siding
There were shepherds abiding in the fields (keeping watch over their flocks by night) There were shepherds imbibing in the fields (drinking Scotch over the rocks by night)
His yoke is easy and His burthen is light His yolk's over easy and His bourbon is light
Surely He hath borne our griefs Shirley, she hath worn our briefs
He was despised (rejected) He was confused (dejected)
All we like sheep (have gone astray) Oh, we like sheep (with mint jelly) [aka "the Bestiality Chorus"]
The Lord gave the word (great was the company of the preachers) The Lord saved the herd (great was the humping among the creatures)
Let us break their bonds asunder Let us break their buns asunder
The trumpet shall sound (and the dead shall be raised) The trumpet shall sound (and the rent shall be raised)
O Death, where is thy sting? (O Grave, where is thy victory?) O Beth, where is thy thing? (O Dave, where is thy dick to me?)

Other Fractured Titles and Mistranslations

Festival Te Deum (Britten) Festival of Tedium; Festering Tedium
Giuseppe Verdi's Requiem Joe Green's Funeral