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To Dust At Dawn

The Implosion of the Hotel Rochester, Saturday, December 18, 1999    

Hotel Rochester intact pre-implosion

The Hotel Rochester as it stood seconds before the implosion at 8:00 AM.

Building begins to implode

The beginning of the end, as the second wave of blasts go off.

Cloud of dust and debris

By mid-collapse, the remains of the hotel are already beginning to be obscured by dust and debris...

Bigger cloud of dust

... which billow forth in all directions throughout downtown Rochester...

Air uniformly thick with dust

... until the whole area is shrouded in a thick blanket of dust.

Long shot of implosion site

Later that afternoon, once the dust had settled and the streets were made passable, I took these pictures of the remains of the hotel. This one from approximately the same vantage point as the previous series...

Closer shot of implosion site

...and this one a little closer to the site. Road Scholars take note of the bright orange sign assembly in the middle.

Inner Loop sign assembly

Here's a closer view. Of course, it's our favorite little vest-pocket expressway, the Inner Loop. Plymouth Avenue (the street in the pictures above) parallels a good chunk of the I-490 part of the Inner Loop, and thus is often used as a detour route.

St. Luke & St. Simon Cyrene Church and pioneer School

To the great relief of all concerned, the nearby historic buildings, St. Luke and St. Simon Cyrene Church and (behind it in this picture) the Pioneer School, came through apparently unscathed.